Sarasota Weight Loss Program-Ideal Protein In Sarasota Florida

Lose weight regardless of pain or joint problems with our Sarasota Weight Loss Program. Don’t let pain or problems stop you from losing weight and becoming more healthy. We are experts in designing safe and effective exercise and weight loss programs for those who have muscle and joint pain/problems. Our programs are designed to have less stress on joints and dramatically increases lean muscle mass in order to elevate your metabolism. This helps you lose weight more quickly AND KEEP IT OFF! We are an Authorized Center for Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and Products.  It does not matter if you live in Venice, Florida or Bradenton.  If you live in Paradise, come see us!!


Benefits of Our Weight Loss Program:
  • Lose the weight and keep it off, while preserving your muscles!!
  • Safe, comfortable clinical environment.
  • Professional staff that will keep you on track, safely and successfully!
  • No drugs, Non-Invasive, Safe.


How long before benefits are realized?

Most people average 3-7 pounds of weight loss starting the very first week. Individual results may vary.


Be Wary Of…

Boot camp-style weight loss programs that don’t adequately evaluate your fitness to participate in the program, as this may lead to injury. Over-aggressive trainers that push you past your limits. (vomiting is not a badge of honor).


Why Act Now?

We have solutions for you to help with your personal weight goals. Don’t put it off any longer. Your health, and your very life may be at stake. Check Out for more details.