Sports Injury Therapy Sarasota


With our sports injury therapy Sarasota program, we offer cutting edge treatment and sport-specific solutions for all young athletes looking to get back into the game better, stronger and faster. Our proven solutions are non-invasive and drug-free. Our programs address the root cause of the pain to eliminate it at the source, and can restore normal pain free function quickly. This program is guided by an experienced Licensed Physical Therapist at Back In Motion, Sarasota Physical Therapy.

Benefits of Adolescent Sport-Specific Rehabilitation Program Program:

  • Start seeing immediate results
  • Decreased reliance on medications
  • Avoid long recovery time
  • Earlier return to sport participation
  • Learn how to avoid future problems
  • Reduce risk of re-injury
  • Faster recovery from injury compared to traditional physical therapies
  • Use of cutting-edge treatment modalities that eliminate pain and swelling sooner and supports accelerated tissue healing
  • Work closely with your Pediatrician, Orthopedic MD and/or coach to ensure safe return to sport participation

How Long Before Benefits Are Realized?

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Significant relief and improved ability can be seen quickly from the sports injury therapy Sarasota program. Some acute injuries can be managed within a few days and have you back on the field/court/mat without missing significant practice time. Depending on the complexity of the injury, your therapist will discuss how many visits will be needed to achieve all physical therapy goals. You may be better, stronger, and faster upon returning to your sport.

Who Is Best For This Program?

Those that have suffered an injury due to sports, high-level training or activities. We specialize in all ages and all sports.

Be Wary Of…

Seeking advice, treatments and medications that only mask the pain and do not discover, address and improve the root cause of the pain. Be cautious of facilities that only perform “passive” modalities without hands on care! Ice alone is not always the answer.

Why Act Now?

Act now to begin a faster healing process and to get back to the sport you love. Don’t let an injury ruin your season. The sooner you complete a full Physical Therapy evaluation at Back In Motion, the sooner you will discover the best program with combined physical therapy treatments and sport-specific exercise training which will move you toward getting better faster, feeling stronger, and less prone to re-injury.


Take advantage of our cash discount programs to receive 30% off for all cash payments. Also take advantage of our payment programs. Back In Motion, Sarasota Physical Therapy does participate with most medical insurance plans.