Thumb Therapy Exercise

thumb therapy
thumb therapy

Thumb Therapy

The thumb is one of our most useful body parts. Thumb therapy treatment includes splinting for better thumb positioning, pain relief, and joint collapse exercises/education are given to stabilize the joint and prevent further injury. Our thumb therapy exercise program is best for those with pain and/or arthritis of the thumb.

Even if you have not had success with other treatments this program is for you. We address the root cause rather than merely treat the symptoms. This results in a more long-lasting relief and is highly effective in preventing a recurrent problem. Our advanced techniques will promote a fast recovery and may help conditions where all previous therapies have failed.  We use our thumbs each and every day.  Without the proper Thumb Therapy Physical Therapist, you may experience worsening thumb pain or lack of progress.

Benefits of Our Thumb Program:

  • Slowing the progression of arthritis/joint instability.
  • Prevention or postpone surgery.
  • Drug-free treatment for control of pain.
  • Improve your overall ability to do daily activities.
  • Avoid lingering affects of injury.
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury.
  • Start seeing immediate results.
  • Learn how to avoid future problems.
  • Increased flexibility & movement.

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How long before benefits are realized?

The benefits are slowing the progression of arthritis/joint instability to prevent or postpone surgery. The more chronic and severe the condition, the longer it takes to respond.

Be Wary Of…

  1.  Off the shelf splints.
  2. Thumb Therapy treatment by another healthcare provider that is not getting results.

Why Act Now?

Don’t put it off any longer. The Thumb joint can collapse and cause permanent deformities. Stop the pain. Protect your thumb joint or regain function in your hand. Don’t let your problem get to the point of no return. Call 941-925-2700 ext 1 and schedule and appointment today.

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