Rob Oyer

Rob Oyer


My Position On The Team

Functional Capacity Evaluator

What I Do Here at Back In Motion

I work as a specialist performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and have performed these evaluations in matters of State and Federal Workers’ Compensation matters, Social Security hearings, personal injuries and return to work issues. Functional Capacity Evaluations are a series of inter-related tests that address an individual’s ability to safely perform work related physical activities. These activities and abilities are compared to the Department of Labor’s demands of analyzing jobs and general work.

A Little About Me

I have two wonderful sons and even a sweet little granddaughter. I have obtained two Bachelor Degrees from University of South Florida, a Master in Education Counseling and Assessment from Nova (currently Nova Southeastern) University and a Master in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy. Specific to Functional Capacity Evaluation I have five nationally recognized certifications including Blankenship, Matheson, NADEP, Arcon and Ergo Rehab. I am published in a national periodical and have taught at a national level in this specialty area. I have a Great Relationship with God and we talk daily.  I have enjoyed Florida for nearly half a century and can be found at the gym, out running, biking or at the beach. However, my favorite is time on the Harley with a special rider or sometimes alone.

Words to Live by

“People who are good at making excuses are rarely good at doing anything else.”    -Benjamin Franklin

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”      -Albert Einstein

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
-Mark Twain

What I Like Most About Working Here

In a word, “Teamwork”. Everyone has an essential role in the organization toward a common good and goal.

What I Enjoy Most About Caring for Patients

Very often after working with someone, both our lives are touched in a positive way when all is said and done.

Why I Chose to Become a Functional Capacity Evaluator

As one might see from the quotes I have chosen, I enjoy listening to people (not just hearing). To really listen and not judge someone and to try to help someone is our job as people. I just happen to spend my professional life getting to do this as a job.

What My Patients Say About Me

That I am going to honestly listen and provide valid information concerning the results from the evaluations that I perform. Yes, the results may not be what an individual was hoping for at the time of the evaluation. But I always tell them that “this is just  today’’s results.” I will always add: “if you don’t like the results then do something to change them.”

What My Patients Say About Our Clinic

The clinic is nothing without the team, and the team is caring and honest with a direct, hands-on approach. Everyone does his/her job to assist all patient and DOES NOT try to do someone else’s job, thus resulting in our organization working like a well-oiled machine.