Motor Skills Development Program

Motor Skills Development Program


Specifically for babies up to 12 months old who have delays achieving age-appropriate milestones including but not limited to: Not holding items, not making eye contact, not engaging in play with toys, poor or limited tummy time endurance, difficulty with head control during tummy time, not rolling over, not independently sitting, lack of crawling, difficulty with pulling self to standing position, not standing independently, delayed cruising (or inability) , not walking independently. Babies from birth up to 3 years with low muscle tone in the legs, arms, trunk or core. This also includes babies who have been through a traumatic birth, premature babies, and babies who have sustained trauma or injuries such as fractured collar bone, hip or shoulder dislocations or Erb Palsy (nerve damage).

Benefits of Our Motor Skills Development Program:

  • Improved ability with independent rolling, crawling, sitting, standing & walking
  • Learn how to avoid future problems
  • Faster recovery period
  • Progressive home exercise program
  • Improved functional use of legs and arms
  • Improved joint stability (Shoulder girdle, shoulder, hip and more)
  • Improved Range of Motion and body symmetry
  • Improved core stability and strength
  • Quicker achievement of age appropriate motor milestones

How Long Before Benefits are Realized?

Benefits are often seen quickly and are consistent through a regular course of Therapy and a daily home based exercise program which we will customize for you and teach you how to participate with your child using a therapeutic touch.

Be Wary Of…..

Not seeing your baby/toddler using their arms and legs the same on both sides or not seeing an appropriate amount of activity and exploration from your baby/toddler. Not seeing engagement in appropriate motor activity or demonstration of an age-appropriate motor skill. Your child may show discomfort, fear, or lack of interest in moving their body to explore their environment if they have physical challenges & therefor may need specialized guidance with a skilled Therapist.

Why Act Now?

Act now so you can discover if your baby/toddler is within age appropriate motor skills. Do not delay, act now so you will have access to specific exercises you can do at home which will significantly progress your baby toward developmental milestones. Putting this off may cause your baby to fall further behind, or to develop alternate motor strategies that do not utilize stability and symmetry. These alternate strategies can result in difficulties with progression to the next developmental motor milestones. Your child’s Occupational Therapist will work with you to put together an individualized custom program that incorporates both therapy and customized home exercises.

If you are successful at home with the daily program, you may only need to bring your baby in every few weeks. If you are not as successful or not able to perform the home based activity, you may need to bring in your baby more frequently. Our program works when others have failed or where other programs have not achieved the desirable results. We do have discounts and package pricing for those not utilizing insurance and we also offer payment plans for those with financial hardship.