Fit Mom Wellness Program


We can help you feel and look sexy again after your baby. We can get your body to a place where it’s strong, tight, tone, and sexy, and we can help you do this while having fun with other Moms just like you with our fit mom wellness program.

This safe and effective program is designed for women that would like to recover previous body weight and composition prior to pregnancy, or better! Do so in a fun, inspiring, and safe group setting with our skilled instructors and amazing body workers. You will get fit and toned. You will receive nutritional counseling and meal planning advice from our staff Nutritionist Erin Wilfong to keep you on track. Last but not least, you will have access to revolutionary treatments designed to reduce body stress, muscle tension, and improve circulation. Such treatments include: specialized massage by one of our licensed massage therapists, ML830 Laser Therapy, trigger point release, Fenzian pain relief and much much more!!!!

Benefits of our Mommy Wellness Program:

  • Safe Environment: no high risk of injury like in those aggressive boot camp or aerobic classes. Safe, comfortable and clinical environment.
  • Surrounded by other moms just like you: this provides a great support system and understanding of your special situation.
  • Accountability: our licensed health instructors and professional staff will help you track your progress and reach your personal goals.
  • Sleep better: soon you can be on the road to doing the things you enjoy such as working, playing, and sleeping pain-free.

How Long Before Benefits Are Realized?

Benefits can be realized as soon as the first class has been completed.

Be Wary Of…

Joining group exercise programs that may be too vigorous or difficult. Most group exercise programs cater to the general public. Most group instructors are not trained on how to safely and effectively augment the physique and body strength in a woman who recently gave birth. Participating in a general group exercise class or general ‘boot camp’ can do more harm than good. The most common complaint is the onset of back pain, which may be directly related to the improper use of the hip and spine. This is NEVER talked about in our modern exercise and weight-loss industry, yet it is the absolute KEY to a tighter butt, flatter stomach, and pain free lower back!

Why Act Now?

Call today and you can begin to reduce your risk for injury related to repetitive lifting of your baby, your baby’s car seat, etc. Make friends, and have fun!