Becca Chamberlain


My Position On The Team

Physical Therapy Technician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Community Liaison

What I Do Here at Back in Motion

Happily, I am the wearer of many hats. My typical day will include work in several different areas: clinic patient care, massage therapy, yoga instruction, and community outreach and marketing. For patient care I spend time assisting the PTs and PTAs in soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise progression, and various healing modalities in the clinic. I help patients relieve pain and stress through therapeutic massage therapy sessions. I incorporate therapeutic yoga instruction into patients’ physical therapy appointments. And on the administrative side, I help promote Back in Motion through website design, community outreach, blog writing, updating our Youtube channel, and getting our name onto the local health scene.

A Little About Me

I have a passion for holistic health care, for letting the natural light of each person shine its brightest through wholesome living and peace. I am a yoga instructor and love to practice as well as share the gift of yoga in the community. Though I graduated the University of Florida with a Bachelor in English Literature, my health-oriented interests have led me to other educational opportunities. I became a massage therapist to aid in the physical revitalization of others. I am a certified nutrition coach and am studying herbal medicine and holistic nutrition. I am hoping to continue my education by attending a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate program in 2017. I love blending my different interests into one cohesive, holistic perspective of patient care and promoting self-care and love.

Outside of work and studies, I love to spend my time outdoors, enjoying nature. A native Floridian, I know well the blessing of exploring both the beach, ocean, forests, and lakes/rivers of this lovely state. I also have come to love travelling and adventuring outside the US. I have recently come back from a four month adventure in South America with my boyfriend, and hope to be able to plan a similarly exciting trip in the future. On the weekends you can find me in the sunshine biking, running, hiking, kayaking,  doing yoga, and enjoying a good local craft beer.

Words to Live by

“Seek  Nature, find Truth. Seek Truth, find Health. Seek Health, find Bliss.”  -Me!

What I Like Most About Working Here

I love working in an environment that allows me to think creatively. At Back in Motion, not only do I get to help others feel better, but I get to utilize my creativity and critical thinking in caring for patients’ needs, applying appropriate massage and yoga therapeutics, and expressing my creativity in our community outreach and marketing, particularly in writing .

What I Enjoy Most About Caring for Patients

Caring for patients means spending time with people. And what is better than spending time getting to know people? I love to hear the stories, know their history, see their progress in clinic, and rejoice in their success. I get to hang out with interesting people all day, and to help them on their road to recovery and better health. I learn so much from the people I meet and the patients I work with everyday.

Why I Chose This Therapy Profession

Helping people find their healthiest, happiest self has always been a passion of mine. In this many-hat position, I get to participate in others’ journey toward rehabilitation, renewal, and rejuvination. After working here and seeing the difference I can make in another’s life, I look forward to when I will one day be a Physical Therapist and can continue that vision further.

What My Patients Say About Me

My patients have always told me how much they value my kind spirit, my sense of humor, and the different approach to care I have with the yoga, massage, herbalogy, and nutrition background. I like to provide a unique perspective for my patients and their therapy.

What My Patients Say About Back in Motion

Patients appreciate that Back in Motion has such a varied staff, with a wide range of specialties and knowledge. They always compliment us on our committment to patient care, to listening to the patient’s concerns and customizing each therapy session to what exactly they need and desire. There’s something different in our energy here. We truly love our patients, and it shows.